Saturday, August 1, 2015


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It has been so long, a year more or less. Hey there, I'm 18 years old now 😆 Time passes so fast eh? the first time I write in this blog is when I was 13. I write the most when I'm 14. I didn't write any when I'm 17.

I use to write anything that crosses my mind, anything that happened to me. Any event. Well, right now I'd like to write again. I've been longing to express my mind.

A lot has happens, seriously A LOT. I've been having fun, I've been grieving, I met new awesome peoples, and also bad vibes. I've fallen in love, and beloved, been broken hearted, breaking hearts. I was quite cruel, but also I was a victim.

Last year? I was being kept in a cage.
Foolishly following the orders of some guy that I devoted my heart so much indeed I was a fool. But I'm glad I met him, he was almost perfect but I cannot stand of being conquered so we only last a year.

I moved on. Took some time but I did make steps forward. and then I met the one that gives me back my laughter. He is the clown, the joker, he never cease to make me laugh. But he... ignored me. He took my heart, but ignored me. Idk why but, I'd like to take one his teeth or maybe all of them.

He was the worst of all but the one I loved the most. How can I love someone like that? Idk. Dear heart, why him? fking jerk tho.

I wanna stop now. I'm getting lazy to type lol.
I'll tell the rest of the stories later, In shaa Allah.


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