Thursday, October 7, 2010

My fav band :D

diTaip oLeh Amaryllis ♥ at 11:51 PM 0 kOmEn2 uRg
Tokio Hotel is my fav band of all...... and 30 seconds to Mars is my second fav band xD... here is their vids... hope u enjoy it


:D check this out

diTaip oLeh Amaryllis ♥ at 11:33 PM 0 kOmEn2 uRg

Here are some pics from the link

Poor mommy T^T

diTaip oLeh Amaryllis ♥ at 10:46 PM 0 kOmEn2 uRg
My mommy is having a fever now .... T_T poor mommy... she always coughs and hard to sleep especially at night. She can't work hard now... :'( I always pray for her so she can be healthy as always and start nagging me like always :D.. 

p/s thats her routine (nagging) xD

New member has come :D

diTaip oLeh Amaryllis ♥ at 1:58 AM 0 kOmEn2 uRg
helloooo,,..... im new so dun call me noob cuz im still young that is 13 years old..... and im proud of it and ive always wanted to be 13 forever.... Lawl...btw HEY!! xD

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