Saturday, October 20, 2012

ただいま。! I'm back home ~ :D

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こんにちはみんなさん. : D Yeah, I'm back . Ohh gosh, Such a long time I haven't checked my blog. And now I'm back. Hoorayy!! LOL :3. Actually, I wanted to use more English in my blog , but I'm not THAT good in english. Soooo, Imma mix it like a 'r o j a k' :D. NYAHAHAHA. (dont mind that laugh) okayy, now The main point of this post is............. nothing . ngahaha, just me typing random things. oh oh oh , I forgot sumthin' .. Right now I'm having ... wait WE'RE having exam-fever-healing holiday (I named it myself :3) We were just had our PMR (omg ! stupid stupid english ! :D) phewwwww, I was seriously sudying hard , and I really really really hope that all my hardwork would WORTH it. I hope I'd get straight A's ! >.<  And if I get it I would get........ CAMERA ! (I've promised my dad that if I get straight A's he'll buy me a camera) AND ITS CANON ! OH YEAHHH!! OH YEAHHH!! :D

I'm pretty confidence with my hardwork. And also I'm quite confident that I'll get what I want.(NOT OVER CONFIDENT). Ohh please please please Allah >.< Ya Rahman Ya Rahim . Jangan kecewakan ibu bapaku yang amat mengharapkan kejayaanku. Amin ya rabbal alamin~

Okayy, done with my prayers :3. 2012 .... Many things happened , good things ... bad things... Arghhh , yeah of course, tears had fallen. Tears of joy, tears of sadness.. but most are the sadness. It's about my friendship..... It's ruin and its my fault. I enjoyed happiness while others suffered in misery. I really didn't notice, oh my ! how thoughtless am I ! nee? :( I'm so stupid ! baka baka baka ! *hits head* I remembered the letter.. All of the content is about what I did that make *nanana* sads/insulted/humbled .. I'm just so EFF-ing sad :(((( . But I thought for a second time... All these times , I've only did bad things to you? I've never did good things to you? I wondered for some times. I wanted to ask... but I was ...... AFRAID. Afraid of what? I don't know.. I don't know.. I simply just not know. So, I just left this question without an answer. I don't wanna know it. I wanted to fix this , but I think its too late. Soo, right now . I'm having my normal life, with my friends I'm having right now, trying to not to repeat my mistakes. Trying my best to make smile. A sincere one. Trying my best for my family. Trying my best for Allah. Amin.(Is that a Du'a? >.<)

STOP ! Enough said with the sadness. Past is past. I can't change it :3 . So now, I'm having a RILAKKUMA FEVER . OH DAMMNNNN its sooo EFF-ing CUTE *__*
Kyaaaaa ~ ! *fan girl screams* Its so dayyuuummmm KAWAIIII ~ :3 choooo kawaiii >.<
Omochikaeri ~~~ *___*...
Ohh ohh ohh  , And also I really love COSPLAY ! Especially guys who cosplay a guy anime character (eg: Sasuke Itachi, Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Kurosaki Ichigo, Ishida Uryuu, Natsu (from Fairytail), Gray Fullbuster, AND MORE :3)
 Uwahhh *___*
 Chooo KAWAII :3 (I think their both are girls v_v too bad)
 Nice effetcs *___* hot hot
 So cuteeee XD
 Naruto and Luffy(from One Piece) :D
 I want to meet this guy o_o NOW
Ohhh dayyuummm. Shikamaru <3 -melts melts-

Gahhh ! I can't really control my hard beat right now -.- ngahahaha. But seriously they all are Ikemens ! I can't find someone as hot like them here -_- .. Hahaha, Yeahh what an Otaku ( talking about myself ).
Sooo, this is where I'd stop . Its 12:32 am o-o Didn't notice . whoaa, ROFL. Thanks for reading this random post . Hope Ya'll live your live happily. :D Sayonara. Assalamualaikum.


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