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After such a long time, here I am ;)

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Assalamualaikum~ KONNICHIWA! ;) Anyone missed meh? Oh god, such a long time haven't updated ma blog :3 Seriously, like more than a year maybe? Oh well, times goes past. Life has to move on :D I changed for the past few month, I think. maybe I got more mature? maybe, cause' I noticed that I cursed LESS xD hehe. I know you know that my last posts has a lots of swearing in there.. But hey, I was immature that time. :3 I understands that anything we said can picture who we are. Okay sooo... this year, 2013, was a year full with bitterness. But it all ended up with pure sweetness. I've always been so not involved with a thing called..... L O V E. I wasn't interested in it before. Yes, I've a crush before, but doesn't last long cause' I like him only for his appearance >.< Well, we humans like what we see right? Heyy, how do you think of my English? Are they getting better? :D hehehe. Just askin'. :3 So well... where should I start.. hmm. Oh! yes! I forgot to tell you about my PMR result :D I gotsa 7A's and a C >.< Oh goshh, really didn't expected for a C. hahaha. That's geo for me. I dislike Geo -.- . But anyway, 7As is enough though. My dad still buys me a camera, but the one that I asked for, he bought Canon too but a cheaper one. That's enough, ^^ as long as it's a camera. That camera was so cool :O It can zoom so far! like seriously. Wanna know what camera is that? Here it is!

Ignore the messy background -.-"

That camera is fricking cool. It has high quality image and video. But it so high that every time I want to upload a picture I have to resize it first -.- the pixel is so damn big haha. So then here's some of the pics I've taken throughout this year :D

All of these pics were taken on... forgot the date. lol . But it was the last day before holiday :3

There were, other pics -.- but I'm toooooo lazy to upload it. meh :3 Whatever. Okay! Sooo, what's next? hmm -_- . Oh oh oh ! Yes, I was placed in the first class, 4A . Yeah! :D hehe. Kelas aliran Sains :D *tukar bahasa :3* Subjek yg aku ambik,.... tkyah bgtau eh? hahaha. I'm sure most of you know la :D . So, my studies... hmm... Not okay -.- Seriously, susah. Especially, PHYSICS! OH EM GEE. It is soooo damn hard! Every time the teacher teaches, I listen... but I feel like I'm listening to an alien talking. I don't understand a single word. But , the theory... I can understand it :3 except for the............. CALCULATION!! GAH! @_@ wsrxetcdyvbguhinjmo,kp.olouyb. lol :3 Addmaths? So-so. It's fine though but I always forgot the formulae -.- . Chemistry? hummm. maybe 60% the most . :D hehe. The other subject are (y) okay! ;) hehe.

FRIENDS! I got a lots of new friends this year. They are, Wilson Kalong, Kellyna John, Aryantica , Ilah,  and Hajar. :D but we're not that close, except for Wilson. We are kinda close ^^ For the last few month, me, Wanee, Umik, Ain, Rolland and Wilson, build a band, for a band singing competition in my class. We got really close as we always practice together. Our band name is De Majoriter! :D hehe. Why does called like that? i'm too lazy to explain lol. :3 We hang out pretty often too, in school. Wilson, is a very fun person :D quite annoying but I like him just like that :D He had his own trademarks, he always make sounds like "  CHIAA CHIAA CHIAA" or maybe " WUIIDIII". Haha :D weird right? But that's him. And that's the reason people like him :). He is a bestfriend of Rolland, Isyraf, and Harry. They're like ALWAYS together, like a bunch of happy family , :3 Whenever recess, me and this lovely people will sometimes spend time together and laugh together :D. It was very fun! Meeting them is the best thing that happened to me ^^ Ily guys :* ♥♥♥

So, yeah. This is LIFE. Ofc, there would be ups and downs. And that was my ups ^^. So right now, I want to talk a little bit about my downs :') I met this man. He's a sweet talker. But, I only liked him as a friend. His name, let it be AF. He's my friends boyfriend. But he liked me. And I thought, poor girl.. Lied by his boyfriend. And he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I was pretty shocked, and I asked him.." What about her?" He just like "You wouldn't know what happened between us" . I thought he broke up with her. Well, thats what I thought. Idk why the hell I was stupid enough to say "YES". I didn't think carefully. Argh I'm so idiot! I wasn't for long that I get to know that he didn't broke up with her. Oh goshh! I was sooo pisssssedd! I was fooled !! He think of me as a SECOND! SECOND WHAT? SECOND GIRLFRIEND? He's such a bastard! Then I immediately break up with him and stopped contact him. HE IS NOT THE RIGHT PERSON TO SPEND WITH EVEN A SECOND. That two faced bastard. I can't decide which one to slap. hmm. But anyway I'm happy now. I'm happy he leaved, I'm happy that I heard he lost his girlfriend *Evil laugh* Serves you right

 .Okay done about him. Now, this is the next person.... He is very nice. A religious person. He confesses to me,I don't remember well. But he seems very serious. He even thought of making me as his wife, and yet he's 14 -.- What a really mature thoughts.For kid he's age. I think he should be more focused with his studies. He did say that he didn't lose his focus to studies, well that's good to hear but Idk. He always said that he loved me and will always loved me forever and more things like that. I believed him because he was such a nice guy ^^ I do like him but nothing more than a friend. But then one day,  .... I saw him lovey dovey with someone else.... I was seriously sad, dissappointed, feeling of being fooled AGAIN, mad, rage, and more. I was in a grave pain. Why? How could him :'( He lied. He said, he will not look to any girls but he damn lied. W T F. I couldn't take it. I cried so hard. He then apologized to me, numerous times. He said he regretted . But idk. If that is true. I did forgive him. Because I always forgive people whenever they say sorry. I never had the feeling of revenge as long as they say "SORRY" But I didn't forget it. I still want to punch him ;) But we're okay now. We turn out to be like before :) Alhamdulillah.

So then.. There's more I want to say. But, my typing mood now is off -.- haha. I'll tell more next time! ;) Thankyou for reading. It was pretty long huh? hehe :3. Well, then bye bye ! See ya next time. Assalamualaikum ^^

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